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We are always trying to stay on top of new electrical innovations.  From LED lighting fixtures to Smart Phone lighting controls.  Let us help you with your design.
LED lighting is taking over 
We are always trying to stay on top of the new lighting trends.  LED lighting when used in the right locations solve many issues.  We can now fit lighting in places where as a year ago would never work.  With a variity of colors and tematures we can light almost anything in your home.  We are constantly updating and learning new ways to use lighting to make your home efficent without sacrificing style.



"Not So Smart" lighting systems are on the way out


Smart phones have revolutionized the way we do everything today.  Why wouldn't we expect them to take over the lighting industry.  New lighting systems are affordable and easier than ever to use. Imagine coming home and before you get there turning on your interior, exterior or for that matter any light in your home.  It works well for safety and convience.



Stand-by / Back-up Generators are almost a necessity on Long Island if not everywhere.  With the winter storms and Hurricane season why leave your safety in question.  Home generators have become more and more affordable.  Let us come out and do a free estimate and home evaluation to perfectly fit your home with a new generator.

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